YILEEY Valentine’s


PACKAGE CONTAINS – This gift box contains 1 heart shaped explosion box, 1 small inner box with fake rose, 6 different design cards (hide in the box), 1 black ribbon and 2 flower decoration. This handmade box is packaged in a PVC transparent box to prevent damage during shipping. Packed outer box size 25.5x18x17 cm, surprise box opened size 58.5×52.5 cm, the small box in the middle size 11x11x7.5 cm. (bigger than the normal explosionbox)
CREATIVE DESIGN – This heart shaped, 4-Layer, and 12-Pocket Überraschung Box can be placed nearly 100 different sized photos in the designed large box to make the box a showcase for pictures. And the surprising items, such as ring, watch, necklace or other goods can be placed in the small box as a surprise. There are a total of four lids, and the lid can be opened layer by layer, pushing the surprise step by step to the peak.
PERFECT GIFTS – If it’s closed, it looks like a cute heart shaped black box, but once you open it, it shows photos with surprise. This will be a perfect handmade gift with precious memories, express your thanks and love to your friends family wife and husband on engagement Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary and Graduation etc.