Wooden Book Lamp,Min


NOVELTY LED BOOK SHAPE LIGHT – When you open a book and magically it lights up,It looks nice when closed as a book and while open as a lamp.The glow of the light is so warming and bright, but still softly magical like fireflies at night.
ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY – Made of enviromental white maple wooden applied with lasing cutting technology for cover and Dupont Tyvek paper for book page,laser-cut ensure that bending doesn’t cause damage to lamp.The Tear-Resistance book page are fairly sturdy and have a slight texture.
RECHARGEABLE AND MAGNETIC DESIGN – Powered by 880mah Li-on battery inside,you can charge the book lamp from the USB port of your computer, laptop, power bank or the charger.Charging Time: 2-3 Hours.Usage Time: 5-6 Hours.you can open it to look like a book or open it all the way into a circle, as the edges have magnets that hold it open.