Premium Muslin Swaddle


SWADDLE YOUR BABY – the ancient art of swaddling has been passed down through the generations. Our ancestors mimicked the concept of the womb to help babies go to sleep and to this day, parents practice this to help babies (especially fussy ones) get the best sleep possible. Studies have shown the importance of good sleep in helping babies develop and the Funki Flamingo Swaddle Blankets will help no end.
USE FOR OTHER PURPOSES – versatility is a key word for us here at Funki Flamingo. Our swaddle blankets can be put to a variety of uses. Why not use them to cover the pram? How about a makeshift picnic blanket? Or even a changing mat? The uses are endless!
UNBEATABLE QUALITY: Manufactured with premium materials to ensure years of use and repeated washings, the premium cotton we use ensures that the blankets are as soft as a baby’s skin. Not only are they beautifully soft and comforting, they are also breathable which means that our baby will sleep more comfortably and for longer.

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