OCOOPA Hand Warmers,


Why You Need This Rechargeable Hand Warmers? Unbearable winters is gone! Constant long lasting heat for 7hrs on 109°F and 6.5hrs on 115°F in room temperature (less in colder temps). Making it ideal for camping, skiing, snowboarding, hiking or any outdoor recreation activities in the cold weather. This usb heater will be your saviour when you need the extra heat in your body!
Rechargeable & Reusable Hand Warmer: Throw away those disposable hand warmers! Choose a reliable way to warm your hands today. With a powerful 5200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery with up to 500 recharges. This will be your ally in defending yourself from the cold. Power your iPhone and Android devices on the go and power your hands after charging your devices!
3 Heat Setting & 2 Sec Heating: 3 Setting switch to warm hands! Simply select between 3 different heat settings 95-107°F (low) / 104-118°F(medium) /118-131°F (high), press the switch and continuously warm your hands for 4-8 hours. It’s amazing that cosy up and get those hands warm in just a few seconds with this hand warmer.