Lucky Dip Cards R


CUTE NEW GIFT IDEA: The ultimate present for adults who love life & making memories! A gift that lasts a year, is completely different each month & something you can do together. Perfect to spark fun conversation, scheming and experience creating. Perfect for Valentines Day, Engagement, Wedding, Birthdays, Christmas, New Years, Friendship. A nice gift to yourself too!
INSPIRE NEW EXPERIENCES: Create special times together through the cards: ’SPEND A WEEKEND ORDERING ROOM SERVICE’ or the perfect nudge to finally ‘LEARN TO MAKE PASTA’, perhaps a timely prompt to check out that ‘ICONIC MUSIC VENUE’, or getting up super early to ‘WATCH THE SUNRISE SIPPING CHAMPAGNE’. Which experience will you get first? How will you do it? Have enormous fun planning and doing the experience!
WHAT’S INSIDE: Each box contains 12 MUST-DO experience cards, concealed in envelopes, 2 blank ‘fill in your own’ cards, 1 instruction booklet. A selection of interesting experiences, each can be done within 30 days & can be adjusted for any budget.