JSBL CDL 4feet/120cm/4ft/48inch


Easy to assemble
Stand 4 feet high at life size
Delicate handmade and hand-painted



We have beautiful wooden nutcracker made as King series and Soldier Series. Plenty of designs with 3 sizes in height: 4ft/5ft/6ft for your selection. These are popular used as Christmas gifts for your beloved ones. These decorations create best atmosphere your home or your commercial places or your important events. For 4feet item list in this page with major specifications: Weight of product: about 10kgs Bottom board size: 20cm by 20cm by 5cm thick Height : about 4 feet They’re handmade, each one varies moderately. Color, designs ,weight and size may more than a few between each batch of production. FAQ Q: Can it crack nuts? A: It has a big movable mouth that could possibly cracks nuts. It designed for decoration purpose and has special meanings. When open and close its mouth, his big teeth will open and close also. It shows his strength and power, serves like trusty watch dog guarding your family from evil and danger, protect your family and brings good luck. If you read novel -The Nutcracker and the King of Mice, you are going to understand nutcracker here is not refer as a usual tool to crack nut. Q: Can these be put outdoors? A: It is made of wood, and painted. The beard and hair is fake fur, so it would get wet. I would not put it outside, because there are wooden surfaces that don’t seem to be painted.This is good description on the product from customer to answer this question. But to put out door will create best atmosphere. If you cherish it to and wish to keep it for many years to use, move to out door in good sunny weather only. Especially the glitter series is sensitive to wet. Keep away from raining. If you want to have new ones every year, you don’t want care about the wet issue. Present outside all over Christmas and throw away when the condition is no longer good. For customer looks for water proof, may need on the lookout for those machine made glass material nutcrackers. What we offer are wooden hand painted nutcrackers here decorated with plenty of not water-proof material.l.

Easy to assemble
Stand 4 feet high at life size
Delicate handmade and hand-painted
Made from high quality wood -heavy and stable for display
Plenty of design and colors available for decoration of more than a few occasions

Specification: JSBL CDL 4feet/120cm/4ft/48inch

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