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★ WANT TO PUT A SMILE ON THE FACE OF THE BEER LOVER IN YOUR LIFE? Look no further because the gift-ready custom designed beer tin and hilarious beer socks are guaranteed to make him laugh! We promise the look on his face will be priceless! Our customers love to give them as a stocking stuffer, a unique side gift, or bundle it with beer accessories.
★ SO COMFORTABLE HE WON’T WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF – The high quality Smith’s Beer socks are extra soft to the touch and were specially designed to be the perfect sock for weekend lounging. They keep his feet at the perfect warm, toasty temperature and feature anti-slip non skid rubber so he won’t slide around the house when he’s had a little too much to drink!
★ BEER ON DEMAND – Just put your socks on, your feet up, and watch in astonishment as you are served a cold one without lifting a finger!