IEOKE Baby Blanket N


Professional design for your baby. IEOKE swaddle blankets are made from the finest soft muslin cotton, which is perfect for baby’s delicate skin. It features light and soft texture just like cotton or cloud, which will help your baby to reduce anxiety and get a more comfortable and calmer sleeping environment.
Breathable &Absorbent. Baby’s skin needs a breathable blanket, our products are definitely the best choice! It won’t make the baby feel stuffy and uncomfortable, or cause rash or red skin spots; It has strong water absorption, when your baby is just wrapped in a bath, it will dry the water just need 1S and will not let the baby catch cold.
100% cotton. Our high quality swaddle wrap blanket are made of 100% natural organic cotton—Child experts highly recommend it! Compared to some rough blankets, our prducts are denser and softer without any chemicals, bleach and odor, it is the mother’s best choice for pursuiting the safety and health.

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