Gin Making Kit –

£9.99 £7.99

MAKE YOUR OWN GIN: Yes you heard us right. With this kit you’ll be able to turn boring old vodka into delicious artisan gin in under a week. We spent months obsessively testing the spice blend and recipe to make the whole experience as easy and tasty as possible.
COMPLETE STARTER KIT: Includes instruction booklet juniper berries, spices, eco-friendly cotton filter bag, kraft paper bottle tags, testing pipette. Just add 700ml inexpensive vodka (and a little patience).
BEST. GIFT. EVER: “This is a Gincredible kit, The instructions are nice and clear and easy to follow. Everyday I was checking on the progress of my own gin to see how it was going, the kit contains practically everything you need other then simple kitchen stuff like a bowl or jug and a bottle of cheap vodka.” (5 stars) Eric