Beard Care Kit for M

£17.41 £12.31

【Extra Bonus】Compared with other brand, ZenNutt beard grooming kit includes an extra “Beard Conditioner 2 fl oz/60ml” and a Beard Shaping Tool which can help you shape and style your beard by yourself. The conditioner enhances shine and has a pH-balanced formula designed to condition and soften facial hair and skin. Help to grow your beard strong and healthy. Besides, a Christmas gift bag specially designed for filling with this kit and beard decorations would be send as the third bonus for you.
【The Right Men’s Beard Products】Whether you are growing a beard for a first time or are trying to cure a patchy beard, You will find the right product for you here. This kit includes everything you need to care your beard with 100% nature ingredients. Using the kit after daily grooming, even after using the beard straightener, aid in healthy beard growth keep you looking damn good!
【GET READY TO BECOME AN ATTRACTIVE MEN】A beard is more than just a style, it’s part of your persona. The beard oil and balm are 100% Nature with orange flavor. Main ingredients are Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, Beewax. Argan Oil, helping to prevent dandruff and split ends associated with beard growth, softens the facial hair, moisturizes pores, and leaves your beard shinier with a healthy sheen. No more irritation or flakes!