Challenge your family & friends to see who knows who best
How wrong can you be?! Win Sussed Points!
The multi-award winning, travel-sized, social health improving card game


Problem your circle of relatives & pals to peer who is aware of who very best
How fallacious Are you able to be?! Win Sussed Issues!
The multi-award successful, trip-sized, social well being making improvements to card recreation
Video-name pleasant | 2 hundred+ dialog starter questions, six hundred+ solutions, 8 units of ABC playing cards, 8 Joker playing cards, 5 Gameplay playing cards | 2 – 8 Gamers
Are you able to suss out what Gamers will say approximately assembly your ancestors, becoming a member of Hollywood, flying jet packs, protective the Artic, website hosting communicate presentations – and a lot more…

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