Sanctuary Spa B


A baby shower gift set, give this pampering gift set to a mum to be to indulge them before and after their baby arrives
We understand that motherhood demands a lot of your body, so we developed this baby shower gift especially for the needs of pregnant women and mum’s skin
This beauty gift set contains a wet skin body moisturiser, heel balm, hand cream and face wash. These top to toe treats are all in travel size ideal for packing in her hospital bag


A child bathe present set, supply this pampering present set to a mum to be to indulge them prior to and after their child arrives
We take into account that motherhood calls for numerous your frame, so we advanced this child bathe present particularly for the desires of pregnant girls and mum’s pores and skin
This attractiveness present set accommodates a rainy pores and skin frame moisturiser, heel balm, hand cream and face wash. Those most sensible to toe treats are all in shuttle measurement perfect for packing in her medical institution bag
This attractiveness present set will assist her to delight in a pampering enjoy prior to or after child arrives with this number of fast fixes
All Sanctuary Spa merchandise, together with this child bathe present, are dermatologically examined, microbead unfastened, paraben unfastened and in opposition to animal checking out

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