Calico Critters


This great value set is comprised of both figures and furniture
Both Hopscotch Rabbit Girl and Hopscotch Rabbit Mother are included
Lights in the house light up


Red Roof Us of a House Reward Set, the huge, Pink-roofed Hopscotch Rabbit Circle of relatives House set, comprises Each figures and furnishings. Pink Roof Us of a House Reward Set will also be unfolded for play at ninety-levels, a hundred and eighty-levels, and any perspective in among. Final up the home creates the semblance of an attractive House, regardless of which perspective you take a look at it from, with mild spilling out throughout the home windows making moderately the sight to behold. . The second one flooring room at the left facet, and the roof at the proper facet are detachable. Hanging this room on Most sensible of the roof, or Hanging the roof on Most sensible of the terrace creates a big, 3-tale space to play with. Each Hopscotch Rabbit Woman and Hopscotch Rabbit Mom are incorporated. Have amusing the use of the furnishings incorporated to create and play with a kitchen, kids’s playroom, bed room, and so forth. Connect with Pink Roof Comfy Cottage to create a big, 3-tale space (bought one at a time). Have an much more stress-free enjoy taking part in with further figures, furnishings, vehicles, and so forth. (bought one at a time). Major Unit, Chimney Room, Huge Roof, Small Roof, Stairs, Front Porch, Window Body A x3, Window Body B x2, Small Fence x3, Huge Fence x5, Lamp A x2, Lamp B x1, Hopscotch Rabbit Woman, Hopscotch Rabbit Mom, Table, Eating Room Chair x4, Automobile, Bread Field, Basket, Espresso Maker (Most sensible), Espresso Maker (Backside), Toaster Oven, Pot, Pot Lid, Mixer, Mixer Lid, Scorching Plate, Scorching Plate Lid, Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker Lid, Position Mat x2, Plate x2, Mug x2, Cup x2, Strawberry Jam, Marmalade, Fork x2, Spoon x2, Jam Spreader, Wood Spatula, Bread x2, Kid’s Table, Kid’s Table Chair, Pen Stand, Colour Pencil x2, Piano, Piano Stool, Oven, Frying Pan, Grownup Mattress, Blanket (a complete of 72 items)3

This nice price set is made out of Each figures and furnishings
Each Hopscotch Rabbit Woman and Hopscotch Rabbit Mom are incorporated
Lighting in the home remove darkness from
Stimulates ingenious position-taking part in via kids
Appropriate for a while 3 years and above

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