Gifts for Space Lovers

TELMU Telescope with Phone Holder

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Gifts for Space Lovers

Space in all its glory is vast, terrifying and beautiful, all at the same time. Humanity was born with the desire to explore, from finding uncharted territories and sailing the seven seas; we now look to the unchartered vacuum of space to fulfil that drive. Both adults and children alike can be equally fascinated by the unknown world, which is why this article will be exploring the best gifts for space lovers during Christmas.

1) TELMU Telescope with Phone Holder

We all know what telescopes are. But do you know how to use one? The best telescope gift you can get for your loved one, whether that be a gift for your husband or wife or a gift for your child, this comes packed with several super-nifty features. Installed with a 50mm aperture, with 30x to 48x magnification, it ensures that you get a clear and clean image, as it reduces reflective loss and provides higher light-gathering capabilities.

What is impossible, however, aside from the other remarkable things that this telescope can do, is its ability to record what you see through the lens. Coming with a phone holder that is compatible with almost all phone lenses (whether that be one, two or three), it allows you to record, take pictures and share live video of what the lens can currently see. During the lockdown, especially when Christmas comes around, this will be a vital tool for your child or partner to share their discoveries with the people around them and on social media, opening up new doors for space enthusiasts.

TELMU Space Astronomical Telescope for...
  • 【High Reflector Telescope for Better...
  • 【Two Eyepieces Ensures High...


The first time I got this jacket was actually from the Science Museum in London. I was ecstatic, it looked amazing. Several years later, and I still use it regularly. With an excellent bomber silhouette, reminiscent of the old fighter pilot days with a contemporary twist, it is adorned with several NASA patches. Quality-wise, it feels soft and comfortable to the touch, made explicitly for being worn for prolonged periods. You won’t find the same roughness that can be felt from a lot of cheaper bomber jackets you find online.

Coming in a vast range of colours, and with its incredibly unique design, you will easily find the right gift for your unique space lover.



It’s in the name – Flight Jacket. With one of the cleanest silhouettes I’ve seen on any jacket, especially one that involves space, it’s an excellent gift for a space lover to be sure. Colouration wise, it has a palette inspired by future inter-planetary Mars explorers. Aesthetically, the NASA Flight Jacket stands out and is sure to start conversations between fellow space enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, due to its niche and limited stock, it only comes in one colour variant. However, due to its rarity, it’s improbable you will find anyone else with a matching jacket. This jacket is an excellent choice of gift for a space lover who wants to stand out amongst a crowd.

Alpha Industries Men Blouson Jacket...
  • About Me: 100% nylon. Colour: Speed Red.
  • Size & Fit: Image depicts 38" chest wearing size...


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