The best gifts for the tiny tot

Gifts, browse before you readYour friend/sister/cousin just had a baby and that is always a cause for joy and celebration. Of course, you want to give him a gift, and that is, who does not like to buy baby things?

It is all so small, soft and beautiful that without realizing it you have 10 items of all kinds in your basket, but you are not really sure that any of them are the right ones. What to do in these cases?

How to choose the perfect gift for the baby, the one that is original and practical and does not end up in the pile of useless and forgotten gifts?

The best gift for a baby

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As expert moms, if we have learned something over time, it is that the most expensive or beautiful gift is not always the most useful and ideal for the baby, for this reason, from Your Bebebox we want to give you some tips to succeed in your choice.

  • Remember that from 0 to 6 months babies begin to discover the world, so it is very important to stimulate their senses to arouse their curiosity. If you choose a toy, make sure that it is suitable for the baby’s age, that it complies with all current safety regulations and that it is pleasant to the touch, the ear and the eye. Also, make sure that it is stimulating for learning and that it is not sexist.
  • If you are one of those who cannot resist textiles and you drool over clothes, bibs or muslin, there are also a series of tips that you should follow. First of all, whatever you choose, bet on quality. No matter how cute that dress or pyjama is, if it causes allergies or chafing to the baby’s skin, they will only wear it once. We recommend that you look for 100% cotton textiles (if it is organic, the better), and the fewer buttons, rubber bands or bows they have, the more comfortable it will be for the baby. On the other hand, take into account the size, and if you decide to buy something for later, consider the change of season. You should also take into account the tastes of parents, and it is that no matter how funny something may seem to you if you think that it will not fit with them, it is most likely that they will not even get it released.|
  • If you prefer to give something really useful, make sure they don’t have it yet and that they really need it, ask the parents, they will help you with this answer. As practical as a baby bath maybe, having two becomes a useless nuisance. There are many things that a baby needs and that makes the mother’s work easier, but again we have to take into account the quality of the products and their suitability for the baby’s age. If it is an expensive item but you know it will be worth it because they are going to take advantage of it, it is always a good idea to get together with more people and give a joint gift. In baby issues, quality is always better than quantity.
  • And our last advice, but no less important: do not buy to buy! No one is going to be mad at you for not bringing a gift on the first day. If you haven’t found anything that seems suitable or original enough, don’t worry, you have time to search. It is better to wait a bit and choose something with which you are sure you will be right than to keep the first thing you find even if you know that in two days it will be in the pile of useless gifts. Be that as it may, we are sure that if you see the options that we give you in Your Bebebox this will not happen to you;)
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