How to choose the best gifts for children?

How to choose the best gifts for children?

Gifts, browse before you readBest gifts for children

Among the wide variety of options, it seems increasingly difficult to choose the right Christmas gifts for our children. What clues must be followed to get it right?

Every year, the market and advertising bombard children’s minds with lots of toys, but these are not necessarily the gifts they will enjoy the most. Parents always intend that, in addition to playing, gifts provide educational value, help develop skills and stimulate children’s minds.

This is possible and essential because, as the specialist in early childhood education, Jean Château stated: “a child who cannot play will be an adult who will not know how to think”.


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Next, we present different indications that can help you choose the best gifts for the little ones in the house:

  • Do not be swayed by television commercials. Often, these toys will not be the one’s children will enjoy the most in the end.
  • We must know and take into account the tastes of our children: what do they like the most? What are their hobbies? Each child has different preferences, and the same toy does not have the same value for all.
  • An interesting option is to opt for a gift pack on the same theme that pleases and stimulates the child: for example, a book, a multimedia product and a game about the human body or astronomy.
  • Ask yourself what the child will learn with the chosen toys: do they promote any capacity? Do they boost their creativity? Choose toys that help stimulate the child’s mind.
  • Give away books. Also, adopting the routine of reading with the parents can be a lot of fun for the child and use to strengthen family relationships. Adults can also help develop a child’s abilities by reading with gestures and asking questions about what he has just read.
  • It is advisable to rationalize the gifts throughout the year since it is not only played at Christmas. If children receive many gifts during the holidays, it is better to save a few and distribute them throughout the year so that they make the most of them.
  • We must take into account our budget and the values that we want to instil in our children. Not always the most expensive option is the best, and there are a wide variety of alternatives to find the one that best suits our possibilities.
  • Check that the gift is appropriate for the child’s age; some children are more advanced for their age and parents should be aware of this.

    Follow recommendations and suggestions from other parents, teachers, specialists, etc:

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