Amazon Prime UK – Same Day Delivery

Amazon Prime UK - Same Day Delivery

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Amazon Prime is a big platform for online shopping. You can purchase almost any kind of product from this platform without being worried about the transaction and the product’s shipping.

The platform already has a lot of facilities, but it is working every time for the latest innovations for its customers. You can buy from Amazon UK without a membership, but you will miss a lot of facilities, along with the one-day free shipping.

It is consistently working to make the process of shopping easier for its customers. As the valentine’s day is coming, you can purchase a lot of gifts on the Amazon platform.

On the other hand, if you have the prime membership of the Amazon UK, then you will have access to a lot of features and advantages that can’t be provided in the prime-free version.

These features include the groceries delivered on your door, one-hour deliveries and access to a lot of free TV shows, movies, books, audiobooks, and music.

The list of these features goes and goes on. There is a list of features that have been provided to the customers who are subscribed to the Amazon prime UK. These offers have been described here:

Same-day and 1-2 hours delivery:

Amazon Prime can provide you with your products not only on the same day but also within 1 or 2 hours if you are using the prime version of Amazon in the UK.

The products which have the premium badge can be delivered on the same day while there is also a list of products on the application that can be delivered in an hour or two, in the areas mentioned there.

The Prime version gives you the facility of delivering the items on the same day without any additional cost. The Prime now is the quickest way to get your items delivered.

Prime pantry:

The prime version of Amazon in the UK also offers you the prime pantry. In this offer, you have access to the virtual supermarket.

You can purchase the items you need according to your favourite brand, and the items will be delivered on your door without any additional cost and on the same day. It is cost-effective and prompt than your weekly run to the grocery store.

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Live sports on Prime Amazon:

If you are using a prime version of Amazon, then you have access to live sports. You can watch all kind of sports whether tennis or football in its application. You can also watch sports shows on-demand, and it is the most in-demand feature for many of us.

Amazon Original Series:

There are a lot of original amazon series that are available to you if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime UK. These series include Mrs Maisel, The Marvelous, Carnival Row and also many others.

These are award-winning series, and you will surely enjoy after watching all these. Amazon is providing you with many free TV shows & movies, and you can also purchase and rent some exclusive shows.

Prime Reading:

With access to different shows and movies, they are also providing you with the free reading feature. You can have a lot of books on the application that you can read for free.

It is a hallmark of Amazon that they are providing you with a thousand of books for free. You have the subscription to the prime version of the Amazon UK.

Kindle lending library:

Kindle’s Lending Library offers participants the ability to borrow one book a month properly from the Kindle Store. The selection available to borrow contains masses of thousands of titles and no due dates.

Owning a Kindle or Fire isn’t always important to get right of entry to this perk – a member can, without a doubt download the Kindle Reading App.

Members may even loan pick out titles from their bought library to another reader for up to 14 days. While the owner can not study this ebook also as it’s busy being “borrowed,” this option still permits readers to proportion the wealth of their Kindle libraries with others.

Kindle Program:

The Kindle program enables you to download any six editor’s choice books for free before their release dates and sometimes at low cost for each month.

Titles are announced at the start of each month, and you can choose any six of them of your choice. These downloads don’t count in the free books from their library so you can download without bringing worried.

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Amazon Prime Music:


With books, movies, shows, and many other things, Amazon Prime UK is also enabling you to get the music of your choice. You can have a free music library in the prime membership of the amazon prime UK.

The prime subscription offers you about two million songs that you can play without ads. You can also listen to different songs on-demand.

Amazon Student:

Amazon Prime student account can enable you to use a free three months trial. In this way, you will have access to a lot of Amazon premium features.

The features include prime music, prime videos, prime books, and prime books. You can also continue this membership by purchasing this premium version.

You can get a lot of products from Amazon, and as the valentine’s day is coming, you can get all the gifts for your valentine from this site.

The premium features will enable you to deliver all the items on time. If you are late to purchase your gift, then you don’t need to be worry anymore. You can get your items delivered within the same date if you have subscribed to the premium membership of the Amazon Prime UK.

A lot of gift ideas have been present on the gift land, and these products can be purchased from the Amazon Prime UK. Don’t forget to give your partner a gift for this valentine, either it is a book or a bouquet.

Hurry up! Subscribe to our premium Amazon UK and enjoy all the features that have been designed for you.

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