Amazon Fire7 for Kids Unlimited – A More Exciting World

Amazon Fire7 for Kids Unlimited
Gifts, browse before you readFIRE7 ( Amazon Fire7 for Kids Unlimited )  for Kids Unlimited, children nowadays are more intrigued by their tablet rather than toys. This is why you should consider the Fire for Kids Unlimited subscription. As a parent, you will have the freedom to choose between numerous parental controls.
It’s important to highlight that this is available for customers located in the United Kingdom only. In order to subscribe you need to set up an Amazon child profile and a bank card that you authorise Amazon to take money out of. Of course, you will have the ability to cancel the subscription whenever you wish.

FIRE7 IS A More Exciting World

With the fire7 child will have access to everything they need in order to improve themselves. The subscription includes more than 5,000 content such as:
Without a doubt, your child will not get bored of the Tablet especially because it includes popular characters such as members from Disney, Marvel actors, and many others that are appropriate to the age groups. When you set it up, you will notice that you have the choice between the age ranges of 3 to 5 years old, 6 to 8 years old, and 9 to 12 years old.
Due to the fact that it has been made with the perfect balance between fun and control, we must mention that every single content on the tablet is kid-friendly. Thus, it’s impossible for them to access any other apps, movies, or books. The content has been gathered from:
In addition to this, you have the ability to prevent them from purchasing something without your consent. This is something impossible to do on your standard smart cell phone or Tablet.
Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet | 7" Display,...
  • A full-featured 7" tablet, including a blue kid-proof...
  • Not just a toy, but a 7" tablet with 16 GB of storage...

Peace of Mind

Speaking about parental control, you will be pleased to know that you have full control of the FIRE7 through the Amazon Parent Dashboard and not only just that. Through the dashboard, you can set goals, view their activity, and pause a specific device. One of the best things about it is the fact that you can do all of this from the app on your smartphone.

Time Limits

As you may know, limiting the time spent on the tablet can be challenging if you don’t know when and how to do it. This is why the app will allow you to restrict categories such as movies, TV shows, and games. At the same time, they will have unlimited time for categories such as books. When it comes to this, you will be able to engage with your child through the Tablet as you can upload content from your own media gallery.
Top Tip: You will enjoy the fact that you can decide when the Tablet shuts down for the rest of the day.

Age Range

As mentioned above, you can ensure that your child has access to age-appropriate content only. Choose the appropriate age range for your child and if you feel like a certain group has more interesting content, you will have the option to download specific games and movies. If you wish, you can also modify how much access they have on the internet according to the age range selected.

Set Goals With FIRE7

Your child can combine fun and education through the Learn First feature. Through this setting, you have the ability to block their access to categories such as games until the educational goals that you’ve set, are met. For example, if they haven’t completed the first level of the educational game, they cannot access the video category. As well as, if they haven’t read 3 pages of the Harry Potter book, they cannot access the games category.

Numerous Profiles

You have the ability to select specific age groups for each individual child if you have more than one accessing Fire for Kids. Don’t forget, you have the option to create up to 4 profiles. This is excellent news due to the fact that you don’t have to purchase new subscriptions. Allow each child to see specific audible books, apps, and games.

Top Tip For FIRE7:

By setting up the time limit, you will find it easier to give the Tablet from one child to another.


As mentioned, your child will not be able to access anything else besides what you know. The Tablet will not allow them to access social media. Nonetheless, it’s important to mention that the age range of 9 to 12 years old has the ability to access the internet.

You can set the web browsing limits through the Common Sense Media feature. In addition to this, the children cannot make in-app purchases or purchase apps without the approval of a parent. Thus, you will never deal with unexpected surprises.


Pocket-friendly For All

Without a doubt, this is the most affordable and educational choice you can make for your child. If commitments scare you, Amazon will give you the option to cancel your free trial or subscription at any time. Thus, you don’t have to pay the bills if your kid is no longer interested in the Tablet. These are the plans that you can choose from:
You will be pleased to know that you can purchase the subscription on the Fire Tablet or Kindle.

FIRE7 (Amazon for Kids Unlimited) Summary

There’s no hiding the fact that children’s minds get stimulated by being active. By keeping their mind active, you will notice that their behaviour improves and they will reach their educational goals much better. Also, they’re likely to integrate within society much better.

As you may have noticed, you have a lot of control over what they can do on the Tablet. Thus, you will eliminate the possibility of them accessing forbidden content.

Such subscription is essential if you want your child to benefit from such technology because they’re safer and more practical.

By allowing them to have access to your own cell phone or tablet, you are risking the possibility of them accessing stuff they shouldn’t.

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