Adult Holding Hands Casting


Unique Gift – Easily create a gorgeous 3D sculpture of you and a loved one holding hands as pictured (or you can create a single hand cast or two) in the comfort of your own home.
This kit contains a whopping 2kg of skin safe BabyRice alginate, 2kg of stone casting plaster, easy to follow instructions, wooden sticks (for alginate removal in tiny crevices), metallic pewter paint and paintbrush. BabyRice Instructional Videos are also available.
BabyRice Alginate is Chromatic, meaning it goes through an amazing colour change process when in use (white – pink – back to white). After mixing the alginate with 30 degree celcius water, you have over a minute and half of mixing time, the alginate starts to set at 2 minutes. You only need to keep your hands in the mixture for 1-2 minutes.